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July 2018

Life at War, Society & Commentary

The Child’s Prayer for Its Soldier Father.

“Written during the war for the suppression of the Slaveholders’ Rebellion.” Hand down thine ear, dear Savior, And hear my earnest prayer; O bless my soldier-father, And keep him in thy care. When marching o’er the mountains, Out in the wintry storm; Or in the scorching sunshine, Protect him from all harm. When worn, and sick, and weary, And racked with burning pain, O fold thine arms about him, And make him well again. At night, when on his knapsack He rests his  ...

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In the Kitchen

Food for Invalids: Or, I Just Had My Wisdom Teeth Removed.

Today’s obsession is with food for invalids, due to yesterday’s wisdom teeth removal. All four. Blessings upon the head of modern dentistry. I’ve been subsisting on cool to lukewarm water, tea, soups, and mashed potatoes. I’m doing just fine so far — it’s the next two days and more I’m concerned about. To stave off the food monotony, I turned to my reproduction print copy of The Kentucky Housewife by Mrs. Lettice Bryan (1839).

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