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October 2017

In the Kitchen, Knitting

A Kettle Holder in Double Knitting (The Workwoman’s Guide, 1840)

In the Living History Knits (and Crochets!) group on Facebook, there’s a call for a few period-correct patterns friendly to beginning knitters. Though you can’t get any more beginner-friendly than basic garter stitch (what’s known as plain knitting in the mid-19th century), I was asked to translate a kettle holder in double knitting. Happily, double knitting is almost just as easy!

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‘Tis Not For Fame.

Believe me, ’tis no love of fame That tempts my heart its lays to trill, It trembles but to speak the love Which all its chambers seems to fill— A love for all the beautiful In heaven, on earth, in sky, or sea, And fain would touch some spirit chord To wake an answering melody.

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